The actions and means involved are:

The actions and means involved are:

An awareness campaign towards the public at large through Dias Group TV and radio channels, newspapers, magazines, online portal, on-line social networks with particular emphasis on TV and on-line networks due to their influence.

A targeted campaign through the organization of conferences/training seminars directed at  particular sectors of decision makers whose decisions could make a difference to future protection of biodiversity: civil servants (Planning Bureau and Town Planning Department); judiciary/law enforcement and lawyers;  tourism industry; local authorities; teachers and hunters.

Creation of an information pack by Terra Cypria, the EnviroPack, for use by teachers in class, consisting of stimulating source materials, questions and assignments appropriate to the ages of pupils.

Design and development of an animated cartoon for children aged 6-13, to be broadcast on TV and internet.

Design and development of short TV clips (6 per year, total 18 in 3 years), promoting the biodiversity theme and its importance in people's life and well-being.

Preparation by Terra Cypria and presentation of a biodiversity spatial planning framework (BIOframe) to be used as a visual aid for local planners/decision-makers which will be presented at training seminars for bureaucrats and local authorities.

Design and production of a project leaflet/brochure, which will be widely distributed in hotels, and among conference participants at IMH Conferences and Seminars.